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Snail mix - carrot and gammarus

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Detailed product description

A balanced diet for snails.

Snail mix with carrot and gammarus contains 20 % protein.

Ingredients: many kinds of seeds, crustaceans, calcium, carrot.

Sprinkle dry snail mix onto vegetable/fruit or use it separately as a slurry by adding a little water to it. Stir the mixture thoroughly to ensure proper mixing. Serve once a week.

Uneaten snail mix should be removed from the box after 24 hours at the latest.

Store in a dry and dark place, preferably in a sealable container so that the air humidity does not spoil the mix.

This product is only a food supplement. The basic food for snails should be mainly vegetables.



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The customer wanted to remain anonymous21.10.2022 09:25

Anna Horálková05.10.2022 16:20


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