My snails

Species labeled with asterisk *) are not currently in my breeding.

Last update: 9. 5. 2022.


family Acavidae

genus Acavus 

Acavus haemastoma

Acavus haemastoma striped

family Achatinidae

genus Achatina 

Achatina achatina achatina Ghana 

Achatina achatina achatina Ghana "typ 2a" 

Achatina achatina achatina Ghana albino body 

Achatina achatina achatina Nigeria

Achatina achatina achatina Nigeria albino body 

Achatina achatina roseolabiata

Achatina balteata infrafusca

Achatina schweinfurthi var. simulans 

Achatina tincta

Achatina tincta green shell

Achatina weynsi

Achatina weynsi var. obscura

genus Archachatina 

Archachatina adelinae *)

Archachatina camerunensis 

Archachatina degneri 

Archachatina knorri

Archachatina marginata candefacta

Archachatina marginata candefacta striped 

Archachatina marginata candefacta two-tone

Archachatina marginata eduardi *)

Archachatina marginata eduardi var. rhodei new

Archachatina marginata egregia 

Archachatina marginata egregia albino body 

Archachatina marginata egregia two-tone

Archachatina marginata grevillei

Archachatina marginata grevillei striped *)

Archachatina marginata marginata

Archachatina marginata marginata typ 2 

Archachatina marginata ovum

Archachatina marginata ovum XXL

Archachatina marginata ovum albino body 

Archachatin marginata ovum albino shell 

Archachatina marginata ovum acromelanic 

Archachatina marginata ovum full albino 

Archachatina marginata ovum leucistic

Archachatina marginata ovum (poss. full albino gene) 

Archachatina marginata ovum silver body

Archachatina marginata suturalis

Archachatina marginata suturalis acromelanic 

Archachatina marginata suturalis albino body 

Archachatina marginata suturalis silver body 

Archachatina porphyrostoma (Arch. papyracea) 

Archachatina porphyrostoma albino shell (Arch. papyracea albino shell) 

Archachatina purpurea leucistic

Archachatina puylaerti Benin

Archachatina puylaerti Benin albino body

Archachatina puylaerti Togo

Archachatina puylaerti Togo albino body 

Archachatina puylaerti silver body new

Archachatina rhodostoma new

Archachatina rhodostoma albino body

Archachatina ventricosa albino body

Archachatina ventricosa  dark body

Archachatina ventricosa leucistic

Archachatina ventricosa light body

Archachatina sp. Calabar 

Archachatina sp. Ikom 

genus Callistoplepinae

Callistoplepa barriana new

genus Cochlitoma

Cochlitoma varicosa *)

Cochlitoma varicosa albino body *)

genus Lissachatina 

Lissachatina albopicta

Lissachatina albopicta albino body 

Lissachatina craveni 

Lissachatina fulica

Lissachatina fulica albino body 

Lissachatina fulica leucistic

Lissachatina fulica Madagascar caramel

Lissachatina fulica hamillei var. rodatzi 

Lissachatina fulica hamillei var. rodatzi albino body

Lissachatina immaculata immaculata

Lissachatina immaculata immaculata, RSA new

Lissachatina immaculata immaculata albino shell, RSA new

Lissachatina immaculata immaculata "two tone?", RSA new

Lissachatina immaculata immaculata "two tone" 

Lissachatina immaculata panthera 

Lissachatina immaculata ssp. Mozambique

Lissachatina immaculata ssp. Mozambique leucistic *)

Lissachatina iredalei albino shell

Lissachatina iredalei Zanzibar

Lissachatina reticulata

Lissachatina reticulata albino body

Lissachatina zanzibarica

Lissachatina zanzibarica albino shell *)

Lissachatina zanzibarica "red apex"

genus Limicolaria 

Limicolaria aethiops

Limicolaria aethiops albino body new

Limicolaria aethiops albino shell new

Limicolaria aethiops full albino new

Limicolaria agathina

Limicolaria aurora *)

Limicolaria cailliauidi *)

Limicolaria flammea unicolor 

Limicolaria flammea dark stripes 

Limicolaria flammea orange

Limicolaria martensiana dark stripes 

Limicolaria martensiana light stripes *)

Limicolaria martensiana without stripes *)

Limicolaria numidica dark stripes 

Limicolaria numidica light stripes 

Limicolaria numidica without stripes *)

Limicolaria turris ("giant")

Limicolaria turris ("giant") light shell

Limicolaria sp. deep red new 

genus Metachatina 

Metachatina kraussi, RSA new

genus Pseudoachatina 

Pseudoachatina connectens 

Pseudoachatina wrighti 

family Ariophantidae

genus Cryptozona 

Cryptozona bistrialis *)

Cryptozona siamensis new

genus Hemiplecta

Hemiplecta distincta *)

Hemiplecta sp.

rod Macrochlamys

Macrochlamys sp. Sri Lanka new

Macrochlamys sp. Thailand (kelantanensis?) new

genus Tanychlamys

Tanychlamys amboinensis

family Bradybaenidae

genus Bradybaena 

Bradybaena sp. Vietnam

genus Ezohelix

Ezohelix gainesi *) 

family Camamenidae

genus Hadra 

Hadra webbi

genus Satsuma 

Satsuma eucosmia eucosmia yellow

Satsuma eucosmia eucosmia brown 

Satsuma eucosmia eucosmia striped 

genus Zachrysia

Zachrysia guanensis

Zachrysia provisoria

family Chronidae

genus Platymma

Platymma tweediei F2

family Clausiliidae

genus Albinaria

Albinaria caerulea *)

genus Oospira

Oospira vanbuensis

genus Phaedusa

Phaedusa paviei new

family Discidae

genus Anguispira 

Anguispira strongyloides *)

Anguispira strongyloides albino shell *)

family Hygromiidae

genus Leptaxis 

Leptaxis nivosa

Leptaxis undata 

family Megalobuliminae

genus Megalobulimus

Megalobulimus oblongus haemastomus

Megalobulimus oblongus haemastomus leucistic

Megalobulimus oblongus lorentzianus *)

family Pleurodontidae

genus Caracolus

Caracolus sagemon 

Caracolus sagemon albino shell  

Caracolus sagemon blanesi

Caracolus sagemon (Cuba, lowland form)

Caracolus sagemon (Cuba, mountain form) new

Caracolus sagemon red

Caracolus sagemon rostrata

Caracolus sagemon striped 

genus Pleurodonte 

Pleurodonte excellens

Pleurodonte isabella

Pleurodonte marginella marginella 

family Polygyridae

genus Neohelix

Neohelix albolabris

family Streptaxidae 

genus Edentulina 

Edentulina obesa *)

family Subulinidae

genus Rumininae

Rumina decollata Croatia new

Rumina decollata Madeira

Rumina decollata France

Rumina saharica

genus Subulininae

Ceras dautzenbergi

Leptinaria sp. 

Paropeas achatinaceum

Subulina octona

family Veronicellidae

genus Laevicaulis

Veronicella sloanei new

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