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Bee pollen

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Detailed product description

Bee pollen is a valuable food supplement for snails, it contains a whole range of vitamins and minerals.

Contains: 17.8 % protein.

Ingredients: 100% natural pollen (dried)

Origin: Slovakia

Sprinkle the food with pollen or it can be served with the addition of a little water. Serve once a week.

Uneaten pollen should be removed from the box after 24 hours at the latest.

Store in a dry and dark place up to 22°C, preferably in a closable container, so that the humidity does not degrade the pollen.

This product is only a food supplement. The basic food for snails should be mainly vegetables.

Tip: We can also make a bath using the pollen, which is especially suitable for snails after a tiring clutch (to replenish energy).


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The customer wanted to remain anonymous15.06.2024 18:38

Anna Šatalíková15.06.2024 18:34

Šnečkům skvěle chutná

Kateřina Klein20.11.2023 13:31

Jiři Bachulak21.07.2023 11:07

Jana Pokorná05.06.2023 09:06

Karolína Kupcová06.05.2023 09:28

Yvonne Krevert03.05.2023 09:46

Monika Honsová17.12.2022 12:30

04.12.2022 17:13

Žaneta Hejlová30.10.2022 09:31

Timothy Mac 21.10.2022 17:18

The customer wanted to remain anonymous21.10.2022 09:25

The customer wanted to remain anonymous03.10.2022 15:32

Václav Kopelent 21.08.2022 17:46

Veronika Jurenková07.08.2022 13:58

Během chvíle po něm nebylo ani známky, jak ho šneci rychle snědli. Opravdu super, všichni spokojení.

Michaela Zitterbartová 17.06.2022 07:58

Zuzana Böhmová03.04.2022 11:49


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