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Heat mat 20W 28x42 cm

Heat mat 20W 28x42 cm

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Detailed product description

The heat mat is used as a heating tool for plastic boxes or terrariums. It can be placed under the bottom of the box/terrarium or either on its side. It is good to use the heat mat in combination with a thermostat and possibly also a temperature sensor to prevent the overheating of the mat. The thermostat with the sensor will also provide us with control over heating to the required temperature - the snails must not be too overheated. At the same time, we always create a temperature gradient - we place the foil only below 1/3 of the bottom of the box/terrarium, so that the highest temperature is on one side and the lower temperature on the other. The snail then chooses where he likes it best.

Power: 20W

Size: 28 x 42 cm


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