Flytrap - window sticker VetroBand

Flytrap - window sticker VetroBand

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Detailed product description

One-sided adhesive tape equipped with lures, which guarantees effective capture of houseflies (Musca domestica) and fruit flies (Drosophila melanogaster). The flytrap has a red adhesive tape on the back, which is used to attach the catcher to the window glass. 

The effectiveness of the flytrap is ensured by both the attractant and the location in the window. The window flytrap uses the innate behavior of flies, which mainly retreat to the window towards the light.

Another advantage of the product is quick and easy application. When removed from the window, it leaves no traces of glue. The strip still sticks even after removal from the window, so it can be moved to another window or to another position. The adhesive surface does not dry out and still adheres until it is filled with insect trapping or dusted when used in a dusty environment.

Adhesive area: 1 x (38 x 215 mm)

The package contains 2 pieces of flytraps.


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Petra Nováková23.11.2022 17:54


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